The ASUA Appropriations Board will allocate approximately $250,000 to recognized clubs and organizations throughout the year at the University of Arizona.  Club funding is a great financial resource for clubs to put on events, coordinate speakers, and travel to conferences. 

Club Funding

General Funding

Clubs and organizations can apply for general funding through the Appropriations board that can be used to purchase merchandise, equipment, marketing materials, etc..

Travel Funding

Clubs and organizations can apply for travel funding through the Appropriations Board that can be used towards motorpool, plane tickets, etc..

Eligibility Requirements
  • ASUA recognized

  • No more than 30% of event/travel budget received from University department, college, or resource

  • No more than $750 in dues/membership fees collected per member

  • Cannot fund:

    • Food, gas, alcohol, awards/trophies

    • Speaker/presenter fees, honorariums, items that fall into personal use

  • Applications due every Thursday at 2:00 pm for consideration by Appropriations Board

    • Board meets every Monday, 2:00 pm​​

  • Maximum of $5,000 allocated per club per academic year

  • Applications must be presented at the Appropriations Board meeting 3 WEEKS OR MORE before your event.

  • Applications that are not heard 3 weeks or more will not be seen by the Appropriations Board

  • The Board will not see incomplete applications.  Meet with a Club Advocate before turning in the application to make sure all parts are complete

  • As the Board has a limited amount for funding, be aware that funding is never guaranteed.

  • Funds allocated by the Board are not officially appropriated until the ASUA Senate confirms them the Wednesday following your meeting with the Board.

In order to receive ASUA Club Funding, a representative from your organization must attend an Appropriations Board meeting and present their funding proposal. The Appropriations Directors, consisting of seven undergraduate students and one graduate student, review proposals in accordance to bylaws and policies to either approve, amend or deny funding.

Appropriations Board

Meeting time: Mondays at 2:00 PM.   

Location:  Please check posted schedule in the ASUA Club Resource Center for location


Application Walkthroughs Coming Soon

Important Documents

Board Agendas

Click on the link below for a collection of Appropriations Board Meeting Agendas.  New agendas are posted 24 hours prior to its respective meeting time.

Board Minutes

Click on the link below past Appropriations Board Meeting Minutes.  Minutes are uploaded within 24 hours of every meeting.


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