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Bank Letter

In order to create a club bank account or to change co-signers on an existing bank account, banks require a  letter formally stating that an organization is formally recognized by the University of Arizona. Note that it may take up to 14 business days to process a bank letter request.

Direct Deposit

We now offer Direct Deposit for clubs receiving money or reimbursements from ASUA! Please complete Electronic Payment Authorization Form to authorize the University of Arizona to credit your organization directly to the account.

Tax ID

A Tax ID Number, or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is necessary in order to open a bank account or to receive a payout from ASUA. If you're unsure how to get a Tax ID number, please follow the link below. Reminder to see instructions on naming your club from Financial Services here before clicking below for your EIN instructions.

Risk & Release

If your organization is embarking on any physical activity where a member could potentially get hurt or injured, please have all members fill out and turn in to you the risk and release form using the link below:

Sustainability Guide

The University of Arizona Green Purchasing Team is funded by the Green Fund and aims to provide purchasers with guidance on how to purchase more sustainable products. Download the guide using the link below:

Web Agreement

In need of a website for your club? As a recognized student organization, you are able to utilize ASUA's domain name as your own, so you do not need to purchase one. 


Have an inter-club or intra-club issue?

Click the link to file a complaint:



Club Handbook

This handbook includes what is expected of recognized student organizations, minimum requirements for student leaders, how to use campus resources, guidelines and suggestions on how to maintain an organization, optional contract/agreement with advisors.

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